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The BiSYSTEM is able to ensure safety in the workplace. As required by the Consolidated Safety Act 81-08 (ex DL626/94), and UNI EN12600, which states that transparent glass walls and surfaces must be protected in the event of breakage and/or stresses. Applying shatterproof films, relative to the resistance of the glass to the various stresses, adds this level of safety. Furthermore, it is important to remember that the application of the safety film avoids the replacement of both glass and window frame while reducing costs by about 80%.


BiSystem can not be responsible for any losses and/or damages caused as a result of any illegally installed window film. All limited automotive warranty coverage becomes VOID if installation violates any law or regulation of the state or province where it may be used.

Anti-solar and Energy Saving

BiSYSTEM can also seconds your aesthetic taste, applying decorative window films, making the stay in environments with glass windows qualitatively better. We can also apply anti-solar and/or energetic saving window films, which reduce the dazzling and the heat of 75%, -2°/-4° C (35,6°/39,2° F).

Shatterproof film

Shatterproof window films application

Sun Protection Films

Quick and cheap for people's safety.